Why Use Healthy Lunch Recipes Instead Of Buying Your Lunch?

When you use your own healthy lunch recipes to bring your lunch to work or school rather than buying it, you come out a winner in a number of ways. The old fashioned belief that you are what you eat has been amply proven to be true in recent years as more and more people succumb to illness produced by eating fast food and processed food. Junk food may be convenient, but there is an awfully high price to pay in terms of health and actual out of pocket expense.

Luckily, it is easy to save your health and your dollars by simply learning how to plan, purchase and prepare food at home. When you learn a few healthy lunch recipes, you can be sure of knowing exactly what you are eating. You can hone in on your own health problems and weaknesses by selecting foods that will boost your immune system and give you strength and energy.

healthy lunch recipes

Choices in recipes for healthy lunches abound in books, magazines and online. In fact, there are so many excellent sources that you may feel quite overwhelmed at first. You will be happy to know that the basis of healthy meal preparation is simplicity. Look for ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible. Lean protein sources such as meat, fish, fowl, beans, tofu, eggs and so on are easy to prepare. This is especially true for those looking for recipes that are vegan. Eat whole fruits and grains. When you cook veggies, choose to sautee or steam them lightly to retain vitamins and fiber.

There is really no better or healthier lunch than, for example, a tuna sandwich on homemade whole wheat bread, a few pieces of fruit and a bottle of home squeezed juice or a healthy iced tea.

While it is certainly best to choose organic fruits and veggies and truly farm raised meats, do not allow an inability to afford these things to stop you from making the healthiest choices possible. There are some people who have issues with tree nuts, so you’ll definitely want to use tree nut-free recipes to avoid any allergic reactions. Shop at farmer’s markets and buy organic as much as you can, but failing that simply make your best choice. Don’t throw your hands up in frustration and go with processed foods because you can’t afford the most expensive things in the store!

Of course, the most economical way to get fresh produce is to garden; however, this is another hobby in and of itself, and it may take you years to set up the right environment and become good at it. In the meantime, just make sensible food choices. Read labels and avoid chemicals, artificial ingredients and processed foods.

By taking steps to learn basic cooking skills and making the smartest choices in whole foods possible, you can carry healthy, nutritious lunches to work or school with you every day. You will notice the monetary benefits right away. You will be very pleased to begin noticing the health benefits before a month has passed. Follow the advice presented here to learn and create healthy lunch recipes that will truly improve the quality of your life.

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